Call of Duty Struggle Bus: Raven Software

Call of Duty Struggle Bus: Raven Software

Surprise, surprise.  Raven Software is under fire again after they unveiled their recent patch notes, despite having done absolutely nothing to fix the issues in the game that popular streamers and pros have been begging them to fix for months.  

No one can say if Raven Software’s resurfacing on Twitter is a total loss because they have, in fact, laid out an outline for how they will handle rebalances and patches moving forward in what they identify as “an increment approach.”

Deep Breath.

Not all content creators were quick to criticize Raven Software, instead being thankful that the Devs chose to say anything at all.  Their MO in the past has been to lob these patch notes like a live grenade into a seething mass of their angry player base and then summarily retreat into their fortified bunkers of anonymity until it came time to release another batch of skins for whatever holiday was approaching.  The players, worn out from flinging themselves fruitlessly at the unmanned walls of Raven Software’s Twitter seem stuck in this perpetual cycle of righteous anger followed by resignation that nothing is likely to change and then crushing despair as they realize there are few options when it comes to BR’s nowadays and that it might be better to play a broken game than none at all.  

“Hey, guys.  Can we get a fix on the Time to Kill?  It’s too low and there’s no counter-play to it.  I’m getting wrecked by noobs because your game is set to easy mode.”  Says some popular streamer dude to Raven Software via Twitter. 

“Actually, the weapons are exactly where we want them!   We need to cater to our shitty player base or else they will stop playing the game.... blah blah blah.  Tell you what.....  instead of giving you more health or decreasing the damage of the guns, how about we just increase the time it takes to ADS?  There, happy?”

“Wait a second.”  Streamer dude says.  “We are dying before we have time to react!  This change won’t do anything for that if they JUST STAY AIMED DOWN SIGHTS!  YOU ARE REWARDING STATIC GAMEPLAY!  NOOBS JUST GONNA PRE-AIM DOORWAYS NOW!!”

“Have fun, fam!  Don’t forget to buy our new skins!!  Raven Software, out!”

In reality it probably has more to do with Activision handicapping the Dev Team, but why should the player base be patient at this point?  The game has been broken since hackers undermined its elementary firewalls and where before it was at least playable and sometimes enjoyable, now it’s not only hackers but also bugs and improperly balanced weapons we have to overcome.  

I guess we should also remember that there is an ongoing strike at Raven Software that could also be retarding the process of these fixes and that some communication is better than none.  Perhaps this is an Olive Branch from the devs.  A firm handshake with the community of their game as they try a different approach.  Only time will tell.  

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