Joe Rogan and Adam Curry: Thoughts on Bitcoin.

Joe Rogan and Adam Curry: Thoughts on Bitcoin.

Joe Rogan has extremely high hopes and optimism for cryptocurrencies in general, particularly Bitcoin, despite the fact that he does not understand it very well. On the 1760th episode of The Joe Rogan Experience show in January, he interviewed internet entrepreneur and podcast pioneer Adam Curry about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, and all things included in that demographic. They discussed their thoughts and everything they think will be involved in the future of crypto and digital related finance. 

According to what we’re seeing now, either it’s liable to fall apart completely or we’ll use this as an opportunity to find a better way to live. This is summarizing what Rogan said as he mentioned that he views Bitcoin and Ethereum as two of the biggest projects of the future.

Bitcoin is different from Ethereum in that there will only be 21 million Bitcoins; it cannot be changed, explained Curry on the subject. Unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin cannot be inflated according to Curry during the interview. 

Curry believes solely in Bitcoin, and dismisses most other cryptocurrencies. This is because BTC is the only cryptocurrency with a real, finite supply, which according to him is a central concern in his assessment of cryptocurrencies. Curry is likely referring to the ability to fork projects through voting and or governance related items.  

Curry said he is on the Bitcoin train just because I believe my money is safer there. Money is broken. It causes inflation, misery, and wars because it’s linked to oil, so all of that must be protected. Curry examines the effects of currency over generations and its effects on people, and then makes his assessment of what would be a better future for everyone.   

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