Ponder This: 1

Ponder This: 1

You must remember that there is no stasis.  

You are either moving forwards or backwards.  

Stagnation is death and you should violently revolt against such decay of your soul. 

A Key to success in any pursuit is simply taking enough small steps forward.  

There is no stasis.  

You must keep this in mind for when the voice in your head tells you that you deserve a break.  

A break should be considered a step back unless it enables you to take two steps forward.  

It is important to see the path of discipline as that of a lifelong pursuit and not a destination.  

Life is not a marathon or a sprint.  

It is a wrestling match between the higher form of yourself and your current form.  

One never a reaches a point in their life where it is simply easy for them to do the things that must be done. 

You decide who you want to be and you embody that decision until it manifests. 

A healthy pattern of rituals is needed.  

Your mind must be oriented in the proper direction for your journey.  

Be mindful of what you consume.  

Overdosing on pleasure is not the way.  

Be mindful of the people you allow within your circle.  

They will dictate much on your journey.  

Normal people will rot your soul.  

Avoid them like the plague.  

Look forward to life’s tests and be ready for them.

It s then that you will grow the most.

Have character and honor. 

Be unrelentingly positive.

Be loyal.

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