Ponder This: 2

Ponder This: 2

What follows is an excerpt from my personal journal that I felt compelled to share and elaborate on in hopes it could benefit someone possibly in a similar state of mind or stage of life as I was in.  I don’t claim to know cosmic truths or have any answers to life’s many puzzles.  I’m just a fellow traveler on what I hope to be the Path of self discovery.

Everything is supposedly vibration.  Vibrations constitute the universe and all that it encapsulates.  As above, so below.  This is a truth.  But why does it feel that the closer I get to this truth the more scattered my mind becomes?  I keep losing what little sense of Harmony I possess to the white noise of everyday life.  Connecting the dots has become an exercise in futility.  Focus eludes me.  I think this must be where most people would cease their search and slip back into the lukewarm mundane.  Is persistence all that is required for transcendence?  We shall see. 

Now I haven’t reached any transcendental planes of thought.  Nor have I answered the question I posed to myself.  What I have discovered is that this world is so filled with such an abundance of knowledge and people claiming to have discovered their own truths about this or that, that it becomes easy to just turn your brain off and descend into the morass of distraction that is your smart phone.  

Truth is truth.  I don’t have a truth and you don’t have a truth.  You don’t possess truth like a wallet or a set of keys.  All we possess are perceptions.  Humans are not the arbiters of truth.  The only thing you can really do is decide if you align with a Truth.   That might not make sense to some people but a little introspection on the current state of social affairs in today’s culture should bring to mind some discrepancies we as humans have with universal truths.  

My advice to my younger self would be to absorb as much knowledge as you can.  Anything you find interesting, consume it voraciously.  What you will find is that soon you will become as a gold prospector.  Able to sift through dirt and extract the gold in all that you are consuming.  Universal truths glimmer like gold and exist in a plethora of forms across many belief systems.  To exclude one at the behest of another is folly and that’s all I will say about that.  

I will elaborate on this more in the future.  Keep pondering, fellow ponderers. 

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