PUGB is Stil Relavant

PUGB is Stil Relavant

When is the last time you’ve played PUBG?

If you’re like me then you quit playing PUBG about the same time that Call of Duty Blackout dropped.  Blackout was simply too good.  It outperformed PUBG in nearly every category at a time when there were no other BR’s to play (on console in particular).  It didn’t help that PUBG on console was almost unplayable and suffered from a host of reoccurring errors that the devs just couldn’t hammer out before most of their player base simply moved on.

Fast forward three years where Blackout has evolved into Warzone, a host of other BR’s have been released and… what’s this?  Lo and behold PUBG silently and steadily still operating under the mass’ radar in a market now saturated with all of these explosive, new BR titles. 

But don’t be confused.  The devs over at Krafton have not merely let the old war-horse that is PUBG quietly out to pasture.  They have clearly been busy and the evidence is there for all to see in a game ripe with new content and features for anyone who, like me, had left the game for dead in 2018. 

If you haven’t been keeping up with PUBG’s growth over the years I urge you to revisit the game now.  It is far from dead according to the monthly number of peak concurrent players worldwide as of November 2021 being around 341,000. 

I hardly recognized the game and not just because of the almost comical amount of new skins.  Nearly everything had changed.  Vehicles, tactical equipment such as drones and EMT gear, weapons, a comeback arena, the map itself.  For a free to play game it offers much in the realm of entertainment and potential for absolute hilarity.  And if that doesn’t do it for you, then the nostalgia will. 

PUBG is truly a cultural phenomenon.  It’s just a very well-rounded game that nearly checks all the boxes.  Action, excitement, streamlined efficiency, and most importantly the fun factor. 

So, if you’re bored or frustrated with your current Battle Royale of choice, consider revisiting the OG of BR’s.  I can nearly guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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