Super People – New Battle Royal?

Super People – New Battle Royal?

There’s a new Battle Royale on the block that has caught the attention of some pretty big names out there and is gaining steam in the BR community.

Super People is a class based Battle Royale, similar to Apex Legends, where the characters each have unique abilities and specialized skill sets.  What sets Super People apart is… well, not much really.  It shares the same core gameplay with other BR’s such as PUBG and Rings of Elysium and the developers haven’t gone out of their way to change the formula up very much.   But, who’s to say they had to?  Sure it compares to PUBG and Apex but it differs enough aesthetically to not be a complete clone.

Much like other Battle Royales you are dropped via helicopter into an already shrinking circle where you loot and fight your way across an ever shrinking map.  I think where the game diverges from its competitors is in its character’s traits, abilities and in the game’s leveling system that allows you to increase your character’s base stats in exchange for the currency you receive through playing the game.  Simply put, the more you kill and the longer you survive the more you level up and unlock different abilities for your character.

There’s also a crafting system that you can use to craft higher level equipment and weapons, ensuring that if you do make it to the final circle, you will be well geared at the end of the game —lessening those infuriating moments at the end of a thirty minute match where you simply get outgunned by a player who had better RNG.

“Fun, but not optimized” is a pretty common description of Super People.  It will be interesting to see if the devs at Wonderful People can streamline their title enough to compete with other BR giants.

The game is in closed beta at the moment but we think that there is plenty to be excited about with this new Battle Royale.  Will this game give people the freedom to break ties with warzone? Who can say, but there’s a lot of potential for this fledgling game studio to shine in a BR community that is literally waiting on “The Next Best Thing.”

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