God of War on PC

God of War on PC

Are you a PC Master Race snob who has refused to defile your delicate sensibilities by descending into 30 FPS even for a game as critically acclaimed as God of War?  Well, you can now laugh in 120 FPS at all the console plebs who said “You’ll never get this!”  As they shook their 2018 Game of the Year in your blue-light bespectacled faces! 

The wait is over.  God of War has been released on PC and at the risk of sounding banal, I’d like to say it was worth the wait.

Words fell short in 2018 of properly defining the experience that was God of War.  It’s not often you get to play as a jacked, bald guy capable of decapitating an entire pantheon of gods and their legions of mystical creatures as you trample through mythical lands with your smart-mouthed son in tow.

The PC release is no less spectacular and rest assured that it’s not just a lazy re-skin with an FOV slide (actually…. it has… no FOV slide).  The game has all of the expected adjustments and goes beyond expectations.   This game is truly nuts.  4K native on epic with a 3080.  1440p with a 2080 TI or 2070 Super.  Need I go on?  The game was beautiful on console and now it’s delivered to PC with an uncapped frame rate and ULTRA graphics settings.

The performance is outstanding as is the audio.  Spacial audio seems to work perfectly during combat if a hair muddled during full scale battle but the Dev team has given you plenty of adjustment room within the audio settings to fine tune your experience.  Speaking of audio, the musical score of this game will change your entire experience, as will Christopher Judge, the voice actor of Kratos who was literally put on earth by Zeus to bring voice to his son. 

Oh, and it’s not just the graphics that you have to look forward to on your murderous rampage through the realms of Norse Mythology.  The gameplay is crisp and engaging with a combat system that compliments a quick mind as well as quick fingers.  Enemies descend onto Kratos in misshapen hordes with their own strengths and weaknesses for you to figure out as they try to rend you limb from bulging muscled limb.  Every engagement has a twisted harmony to it that never really feels cumbersome with the game’s well thought out button scheme.   

With the weapon crafting system and skill tree augmentations you’ll find that Kratos will be well equipped with both an armory and a host of special abilities to unleash on the creatures in his path and trust me, don’t let the combat stop you from exploring.  The world is huge and filled with hidden treasures that require you to really search them out.  Something that I think is meant to almost force you to see the rich and detailed environments. 

But wait, there’s more!  If the laundry list of pros I’ve laid out already hasn’t enticed you to at least want to give the game a test drive, then let me say one more thing.  The story of God of War is unrivaled in its brutality, tragedy and deep philosophical and mythological lessons.  The game isn’t for the faint of heart and rewards those who pay attention to the little details.  It is a coming of age story.  A story of regret.  A story that is all too human despite being told through the eyes of a half-god.

Ok.  Go out and buy this game.  It’s something to behold aside from being perfectly ported to PC.  I am truly envious of all the players about to embark upon their first play-through of this awesome game. 

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