Halo In game Price Drops

Halo In game Price Drops

As of last November, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been heavily criticized and debated, with many believing the prices on in-game items are too high. The developers say it’s about to change, however. The store will be offering reduced prices for cosmetic items beginning next week, on Tuesday, Jan. 18. There will also be some other changes.

The leader of 343’s design department, Jerry Hook, explained yesterday that the developer behind Halo Infinite’s in-game store has been “monitoring discussions” about it. One of the most significant changes will be a reduction in prices across the store. The prices are seen aa a bit excessive on the studios part and they appear to be hearing the black last of it at this point.  

In addition to lower prices, Hook added that starting Tuesday, the Shop experience will vary from week to week, noting that prices may fluctuate. Additionally, the studio will enhance cosmetic bundles and offer more individual items outside of bundles, giving players more choices on how their currency should be spent and how their character ultimately will be viewed in game. In order to improve for the future, we will try new things throughout the rest of the season, according to the head designer hooks. Though this basically insinuates that Halo is doing a bit of price discovery.  

The possibility of earning the premium currency in-store for free is one possible new feature Hook may be hinting at. In response to Hook’s announcement of reduced prices, a tweet reply seemed to allude to this. If there were a free way to earn in-game credits, they would not need to lower prices. Ideally a studio should do both and it appears that Hooks knows this.  

Battle passes and cosmetics in Halo Infinite have continued to be controversial topics among fans. Last month the Halo subreddit was shut down for a few days after angry players spent weeks harassing the developers behind Halo Infinite over these things and other things. It appears that Halo once again has damaged their community via silly ways to secure micro transactions from fans. Will we ever just get back to Halo 3? 

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