Sony Games to PC

Sony Games to PC

PlayStation games were pushed to the PC by Sony’s own internal development teams, according to an interview published in conjunction with the launch of God of War on PC, arguably the biggest PlayStation franchise to make the jump from console to PC so far.

During a recent conversation with GameInformer, Barlog was asked if Sony’s decision to port its games to the PC was a decision championed by its Santa Monica team early on, and he suggested in a response that ultimately it was the PlayStation Studios network of developers that convinced Sony to move to PC.

According to Barlog, the collective studios around the world believe this is a great idea and should be seriously considered. They further stated that eventually, we had sent so many suggestions to the suggestion box that they were tired of hearing them. Therefore, they said that they would look into it. According to Barlog, it will be a process, as the magnitude of these events will not be small. The company is still trying to figure out what it will take and what the strategy will be.

God of War’s arrival on PC might also mean that Ragnarok will be released sooner on PlayStation now that God of War has arrived on PC. Barlog had no idea what this could mean for Ragnarok’s sequel. “At the moment, we’re going through each game one at a time, and determining, ‘Is this the best thing?'”, he said. We’ll measure the success of the campaign: Did people like it? Did we do it right? Did we make any mistakes? What can we do better next time if we do it again? At the end of the day, Sony will make the final call.”

God of War is the third PlayStation game to have released on PC – Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone came out last year, and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is still in the works. In their recent analysis, Digital Foundry called Sony Santa Monica’s port “simply sensational”.

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