Fantasy Prime

A Boy Apart

The boy sat huddled next to the dying remnants of a small fire. His name, Gundr, meant ‘fire’ in the First Tongue. If he listened closely he could no doubt hear the ghosts in the wind cackle in mockery. As if they understood the joke that had been played on him at birth. He wondered, […]


Excerpt from the Recollections of Badu the Wanderer, on the Golkans of the Northern glaciers. Scribed by Chosen Imrae in the three hundred and forty second year of Antefusta under King Anor Seren and the Seven Princes• I spent years in the foothills of the great mountain. I thought myself a peerless pioneer as I […]

Fate’s Cruel Hand

1 I. He struck himself in the face, then again -tasting blood as his teeth punctured his lips. He spat in disgust -hating himself for what he wasn’t. “Come out!” He screamed, punching himself again, willing his anger to build. He wanted the rage but all that welled up from within him was pity. Tears […]

The Return Prologue

Prologue By Evan McCleskey Captain Onu Thruul’s hips ached as his horse trotted down a well worn path in the Nogali south lands. More like marshlands, really. Saying it was hot here in the verdant wetlands would be a gross understatement. The air was oppressively thick and one never stopped their sweating while outdoors. And […]