Halo In game Price Drops

As of last November, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been heavily criticized and debated, with many believing the prices on in-game items are too high. The developers say it’s about to change, however. The store will be offering reduced prices for cosmetic items beginning next week, on Tuesday, Jan. 18. There will also be some other […]

Stablecoins and Brazil

Brazil has experienced record inflation and a constant devaluation of its currency in recent years, leading more people to use cryptocurrencies, in particular stablecoins, than ever before. According to Receita Federal, the Brazilian tax authority, local traders traded $11.4 billion worth of stablecoins between January and November 2021, almost tripling the amount transacted in 2020. Bitcoin […]

Sony Games to PC

PlayStation games were pushed to the PC by Sony’s own internal development teams, according to an interview published in conjunction with the launch of God of War on PC, arguably the biggest PlayStation franchise to make the jump from console to PC so far. During a recent conversation with GameInformer, Barlog was asked if Sony’s […]

E3 2022 Covid Related Issues

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the county in its myriad of variants and strains, a question has arisen from the gaming community.  Given the current global “situation”, does it make sense to have these huge, video game conferences where people come from all over the world to congregate into an arena together and share […]

Mixer: What Not To Do

Have you ever wondered what happened to Mixer?  It felt like one day all you heard in the video game community was how they were poaching some of the biggest names on Twitch from across all genres and then… well, nothing.  So, what happened?  Let’s break down what we know.  Prior to Mixer nabbing Shroud […]

Tether- Is it Backed?

According to an Assurance Opinion Tether’s is alleged to be fully backed.   In its quarterly assurance opinion published today, Tether Holdings Limited not only details the composition of its reserves, but also explains the ratings and maturity of its commercial paper and certificates of deposit. The company reaffirms once again that its Consolidated Reserves Report contains […]

Tezos – what is it?

A self-amending blockchain was what Tezos sought to create when it was founded in 2014. While its implementation was complex, Tezos’ concept was surprisingly simple: People who owned its cryptocurrency XTZ could vote about possible changes to its rules, and the software would update to implement the changes once the vote was taken.  By creating […]

Battlefield 2042: What Went Wrong?

It’s no secret that morale in the Battlefield community has reached an all-time low.  The game is in such a poor state that the moderators on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit are debating on whether or not they should shut down the entire board.  Content creators who pay their bills from making videos and streaming Battlefield […]

REN Cryptocurrency – DeFi Unchained

Throughout history, humans have constantly developed solutions to simplify various life functions. No effort has been spared when it comes to making our lives more convenient and comfortable, from the invention of the wheel to 21st-century advances in technology. Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity, with many cryptocurrencies now available on exchanges. Crypto investors are currently […]

God of War on PC

Are you a PC Master Race snob who has refused to defile your delicate sensibilities by descending into 30 FPS even for a game as critically acclaimed as God of War?  Well, you can now laugh in 120 FPS at all the console plebs who said “You’ll never get this!”  As they shook their 2018 […]