Partnered & Sponsored Gamers

PWND is committed to supporting both pro and up-and-coming amateur teams, as well as active YouTubers and Streamers, by enabling mutually advantageous sponsorship opportunities. PWND currently offers two types of sponsorship programs.

Traditional Sponsorship is usually reserved for those teams that are already established and competing in major tournaments nationwide. For the most part, traditional sponsorships require written legal contracts and obligations. While we would strongly encourage you to start with our RS program, if you would still like to apply for traditional sponsorship, you can email us at Please allow several days for a response – we will get back to you, but please be patient.

Revenue Share is attainable by every aspiring team, YouTuber, and Streamer that is willing to work hard at making a name for themselves in the eSports industry. RS does not require written legal contracts, obligations, or an application. RS allows up-and-comers to promote themselves and the PWND brand at the same time. Everyone is welcome! Inquire atĀ!

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