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PWND Gamerz – Aggro


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Challenge accepted- time to go full aggro.

PWND Aggro is a completely unique, high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink specifically designed for avid gamers, whether they’re slaughtering enemy combatants in fast-paced FPS’s or simply building their own universe in Minecraft. Aggro powers gamers in ways more traditional methods (sodas and poison-flavored energy drinks) cannot- it combines traditional and newer, more novel stimulants with a variety of compounds intended to improve alertness and cognition to turn you into a gaming juggernaut. Aggro’s bleeding-edge formula improves awareness and mental function, slashes reaction time, and increases focus to provide gamers with the tools they need to dominate their opposition.

Aggro’s exclusive and uncommon combination of ingredients includes N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric Acid, a metabolite of the neurotransmitter glutamate that improves mood and focus and provides clean energy with no crash; Max Endure XT™, which is standardized to 98% Stearyol Vanillamide to improve stamina; Orchilean™, a proprietary ingredient that has stronger stimulant properties than caffeine and increases alertness and focus; caffeine di-malate and caffeine anhydrous for fast-acting energy; and three separate brain-boosting ingredients to improve mental function and reaction times.

For insane reaction time, laser focus, and unbridled energy, chug one (1) scoop about 30 mins or sip it while you crush your opposition.

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